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This is a community for fans of the Kyle/Jessi relationship on Kyle XY.
Welcome to the Kyle & Jessi fans community. Here you are free to discuss the relationship between Kyle and Jessi from the ABC Family show Kyle XY. You may post fanfiction, icons, graphics, videos, and pretty much anything Kyle/Jessi related.

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The rules are very simple and easy to follow.

1. Spoilers for episodes are allowed, but only when they are placed under an lj-cut and you warn the readers in your post by putting "spoilers for (episode title or number here)" in the header. Posts made without doing this will be deleted. Not everyone wants to be spoiled.

2. There will be no bashing of other people in the community. If you have a disagreement with someone, please handle it like an adult. Any problems with another person need to be taken care of outside of this community.

3. Credit those who make you stuff! If you use an icon, header, etc made by another person please give credit where credit is due. Stealing is not cool.

4. When posting fanfiction please give it a title, rating, brief summary, and warn readers of any spoilers that it might include.

5. Posts to the community must be related to the Kyle/Jessi relationship on Kyle XY. There are other communities for other couples and general Kyle XY discussion.

Thank you for reading through the rules! Enjoy the community! :)


Screencaps used in icons and graphics from http://www.tv.com